Iron Range Outlaw Brigade

by Iron Range Outlaw Brigade

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IROB, as they are often called, rides into the future full throttle, guns a blazing, with no turning back. Recorded over several sessions between the fall of 2014 and the spring of 2015, at the renowned, Sparta Sound, by Rich Mattson, the Iron Range Outlaw Brigade have released their fourth album, Iron Range Outlaw Brigade. On this effort, they touch down on their country roots, while also show casing their love of punk rock mayhem. A western theme also intertwines through out the entire album with tales of gun fights, train robberies, high noon show downs, outlaws & bikers, high stake poker games, back alley knife fights, and they even included a spaghetti western style intro.


released July 1, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Rich Mattson
Mastered by D. Olson
Art Layout by Shaun Chosa



all rights reserved


Iron Range Outlaw Brigade Minnesota

Shit kicking, dirty, punk-rock country from the Northwoods of Minnesota! "We're more bitter than a shot of Wild Turkey 101!"

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Track Name: Blood on the Saddle
Verse 1
Belching fire on a motorcycle ride,
barreling into town on a full moon night
The Biker was a whiskey, card playing man
always had a gun, in his hand.

The Gambler was a no good, bastard thief,
had a pair of aces always up his sleeve.
Quick with his wits and faster with his guns,
dealt in the Biker, playing five card stud.


There was blood on the saddle, there was blood on the ground,
another man dead, another man gone

Verse 2

The last two standing at closing time,
stakes were higher than a Georgia pine
The Biker felt cheated,
and the Gambler knew why.

The Biker flipped that table, up in the air.
Money, cards, and chips flew every where.
The Biker drew fast, but not fast enough.
The Gambler shot him twice before he shot once.
Track Name: Shotgun
Shotgun! Shotgun!
yeah, shot them bastards down!
got blood on my hands when the bodies hit the ground.
Shotgun! Shotgun!
yeah, another man gone,
gotta skin outta here while I still got time to run.

Verse 1

What do you do, when it all goes bad?
You got nothing left, when you loose all you've had.
Set you up to knock you down, you're under the gun,
like a rat in the cage with no place left to run.


Verse 2

What do you do when the sun goes down,
you're all alone on the wrong side of town.
Creep up on upon you, they're looking for a fight,
turn that scatter gun, make their wrong, your right!

Track Name: I.R.O.B.
Verse 1
You know I'm the life of the party, you know I lay the hammer down.
When I walk into that bar, you know, I'm the King of this town!
I'll be rolling hard, with a guitar in my hand.
Playing Punk Rock country with the boys in the band.
Lock up your daughters, you best be afraid!

Verse 2
I always loose, I never win, but at least I play the game.
When I'm threw with you little girl, your little heart wont be the same.
I got girl in every town and they all know my name,
standing in line to feel the heat from the flame.
Lock up your daughters, you best be afraid!
Track Name: Fortified Wine
Verse 1
Went down to that corner liquor store today,
had only ten dollars to my name.
There on the shelf was my, saving grace.
Brown paper bag that habanero limerita
gonna bring it home to my sweet senorita.
drinking that Mad Dog 20/20 Fortified Wine

Verse 2
I was never one, to walk the line.
Getting day buzzed and feeling quite fine.
Drinking that Mad Dog 20/20 Fortified Wine
If you got the bottle, well, I got the time.
You mind yours and I'll mind mine.
Drinking that Mad Dog 20/20 Fortified Wine

Fortified Wine x3
Drinking that Mad Dog 20/20 Fortified Wine

Verse 3
We got banana red and blue raspberry
spiked melon and peaches and cream
lemon ice with orange jubilee
sour apple, and red grape wine
buck bunny and key lime pie
drinking that Mad Dog 20/20 Fortified Wine
Track Name: Hobo at Heart
Verse 1
Never had a dollar to his name.
Most folks know, its quite alright with me.
Never had, to hang his head in shame.
Got no shackles, keeping him from being free.


Most folks they try to change him, give him roots to make a fresh start
can't keep him from rambling, he's a hobo at heart

Verse 2
Twisted up smoke and heading on out the door
busking for change, with his old guitar
playing the same old songs he sung before
to buy a dollar tapper down at the bar
Track Name: Jesse James
Verse 1
Jesse James was a man, with a pistol in his hand.
He robbed that Glendale Train.
He stole from the rich and he gave to the poor,
He had a hand, and a heart, and a brain.
Verse 2
No one made a sound, when that James Gang rode through town.
They robbed that Northfield Bank
Soon the people heard and were quick to spread the word,
it was them outlaw brothers, Frank and Jesse James
Jesse had a wife to mourn for his life
two children, they were brave
Let history record, it was the coward Robert Ford,
who laid poor Jesse in his grave
Verse 3
Well it was Robert Ford, that dirty little coward, I wonder how he feels?
The moon was shining bright on the cold and windy night, when he shot Jesse James, in the BACK!!!
Chorus 2
Jesse laid to die with a pair of glassy eyes
he never could behave
Let history record it was that coward Robert Ford, who laid Jesse James in his grave
Track Name: Live by the Gun, Die by the Gun
From the out skirts of town, came that high lonesome sound.
the tears of the mother who's son never returned back home
the tears in her eyes, came to no surprise
if her son only would have listened to her advice.

He lived by the gun, died by the gun

Verse 2
Your brothers died, before their time, running from the law
the sheriff that hung them high, also strung up Pa
I'll be damned if the man will get my one last son
I'll be all alone with my family dead and gone

They lived by the gun, died by the gun

Verse 3
He rode into town to finish what the sheriff had begun
the only way to right this wrong is with a bullet and a gun
at high noon at Frank's saloon they drew at the count of ten
when the shots rang out and smoke cleared, young Johnny laid down dead


He lived by the gun, died by the gun
Track Name: Tornado!
Verse 1
Out of Hell yeah, from the mire
drinking whiskey and pissing fire
ask your wife, hey, I aint no liar
I'm a force of nature, wound up and never tired

Blowing through your town
Move so fast, you won't see me go, I'm a force of nature honey don't ya know!

Verse 2
Blowing through town at a 100 miles per hour
I never take a bath, I never take a shower
Anything in my way you know I devour
I'll rip through 20 bars in less than an hour


Verse 3

Lock up your wives and lock up your daughters
I'll get ya out back and I'll fetch ya some water
it takes more than a well to put out this fire
don't step on my cord, cause Im a rusty wire!
Track Name: In the Gutter
Verse 1
Another wasted day, trying to kill the pain
on that bitter memory of that failed day
You walked on out, of that god damn door
kept on a walking and I wont see you no more
grabbed my guitar and I never looked back, hitching a ride down that old rail road track to the gutter.


In the gutter is where I spend my days
hanging out with friends who feel the same way
we aint got much but we got time to kill,
another wasted day in the gutter

Verse 2

There aint no easy way, trying to kill the pain
I'm flat broke again, I ragged and I'm poor
If I have any luck, I'll scratch off three, four bucks
and I'll be on my way down to the old liquor store
Its just like Westy sang and he did not stutter
One foot in the door and the other one is in the gutter

Track Name: Big ol Truck
Verse 1
Taconite is king way up in the lands of the pines
makes the money go round makes those small towns shine
up on the hills where the ore is rusty red
like the iron in our blood that we'll bleed til we're dead
Big ol truck at the big ol mine
working hard, working over time
Big ol truck coming on down the line
Big ol truck at the big ol mine!!!
Verse 2
My daddy was a miner and I'm a miner's son
punching that clock and getting shit done
now I'm older and I got bills to pay
spent the rest at the bar, got to work hard to play

Track Name: Dozen Roses & a Bottle of Jack
Verse 1
A dozen roses and a bottle of Jack
that's how I got my baby back.
I pulled up in my black Cadillac
smacked her on the ass and said, hop in the back.
A dozen roses and a bottle of Jack
Verse 2
I stole her away from a Kenyan acrobat
red dreds hanging half way down her back
A dog sledding team chased me miles through the snow
I climbed a rock wall just to let her know.
A dozen roses and a bottle of Jack.
Verse 3
A dozen roses and a bottle of Jack.
My baby's gonna give me a heart attack
when we're rocking and a rolling, to and fro
I'm tripping out boys you don't even know
A dozen roses and a bottle of Jack.
Track Name: How Can Hell be any Worse
Verse 1
The year was 1980, when the mines laid me off
the economy was in shambles and I couldn't find a job
It was late September, the air was turning cold
I became a trucker and headed out on the road

Verse 2
It was after the New Year, I started drinking hard
spent less of my time at home and more time at the bar
I started spending my money on easy women just for fun
to help make ends meet, I started running guns
How can Hell be any worse?

Verse 3
That's when my wife she told me, she's tired of being alone
our one and only son was living in a broken home
She cried as she told me, my drinking was to blame
she found another man and my boy will never know my name
How can Hell be any worse?

Verse 4
I don't know what happened, how that gun got in my hand
I just wanted to scare her, I think that was the plan
something snapped inside of me, I started seeing red
six bullets rang out later and my wife was laying dead
How can Hell be any worse?

Verse 5
That's when my boy he looked at me, his face was covered in blood
like buzzards the cops circled, telling me to drop my gun
they took me on down to Stillwater, threw me in a cell
Now I'm rotting here in my man made Hell
How can Hell be any worse?